Ma Yuan: Egrets on a Snowy Bank

Sung Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink and light color on silk

Ma Yuan (second half of the twelfth century to the first half of the thirteenth century), Ch'in-shan by sobriquet, was a native of Ho-chung, Shansi province. He gave glory to the latter phase of the Southern Sung Imperial Painting Academy together with Hsia Kuei. A follower of Li T'ang's style, he excelled in landscape painting, in which he imparted his unique character in the trees and rocks executed with burnt ink. He was called "One-cornered Ma" for his expression of abbreviating the peak when depicting mountains or omitting the scenery under cliffs. This work is Ma Yuan's masterpiece full of serenity and clearly indicating his characteristics.
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Hanging Scroll
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P8 Ink/color
on Silk
60.0cm x 38.0cm
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71.7in x 20.7in
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P8s Ink/color
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23.6in x 15.0in
60.0cm x 38.0cm
23.6in x 15.0in
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