T'ang Yin: Hermit Fisherman in Streams and Mountains

Ming Dynasty / handscroll / ink and color on silk

T'ang Yin's painting style is extensive, encompassing that of the contemporaneous Wu school literati painters as well as that in the manner of Li T'ang of the Sung dynasty Imperial Painting Academy. This work is an example of the latter. A firm sense of presence is imparted to the rocks depicted with abundant axe-cut texture strokes used by Li T'ang, and the more refined colors render an elegant atmosphere different from that of Li T'ang's works. This is a superb work ranked with "Soughing Pines on a Mountain Path."
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No. Media Handscroll Size Price Shipping Purchase
P62 Ink and Color on silk 29.7cm x 637.1cm
11.7in x 250.8in
$705 $60

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