Su Han-ch'en: Children Playing in the Autumn Garden

Sung Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink and color on silk

Su Han-ch'en (second half of the eleventh century to the first half of the twelfth century) was a native of K'ai-feng, Honan province. A disciple of Liu Tsung-ku, he excelled in painting human figures and was especially celebrated for his painting of infants. In this piece, the children are rendered vivaciously, and the rock and flowers are sublime. This work, with its accurate composition and extremely minute depiction, is a masterpiece best indicating the characteristic of Su Han-ch'en.
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Hanging Scroll
No. Media Picture Size Hanging Scroll Size Price Shipping Purchase
P57 Ink/color
on Silk
197.5cm x 108.7cm
77.8in x 42.8in
212.0cm x 110.4cm
83.5in x 43.5in
$1,685 $80
Sheet (image consists of two sheets)
No. Media Picture Size sheet Size Price Shipping Purchase
P57s Ink/color
on Silk
197.5cm x 108.7cm
77.8in x 42.8in
197.5cm x 108.7cm
77.8in x 42.8in
$825 $25

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