Ts'ui Po: Magpies and Hare

Sung Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink and color on silk

Ts'ui Po (eleventh century) was a native of Hao-liang, Anhwei province. His style name was Tzu-hsi. He made unique achievements in the Northern Sung Imperial Painting Academy by following the style of Hsu Hsi, while the style of Huang Ch'uan and his son Huang Chu-ts'ai was the mainstream in that period. This work, evaluated as Ts'ui Po's master work, is depicted in minute and solemn brushstrokes, and thoroughly indicates his fully developed ability.
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Hanging Scroll
No. Media Picture Size Hanging Scroll Size Price Shipping Purchase
P5 Ink/color
on Silk
193.7cm x 103.4cm
76.3in x 40.7in
212.0cm x 105.0cm
83.5in x 41.3in
$1,465 $80
Sheet (The image consists of two sheets)
No. Media Picture Size Sheet Size Price Shipping Purchase
P5s Ink/color
on Silk
193.7cm x 103.4cm
76.3in x 40.7in
193.7cm x 103.4cm
76.3in x 40.7in
$825 $25

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