Wen Cheng-ming: Old Trees by a Cold Stream

Ming Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink and color on silk

Wen Cheng-ming (1470-1559) was a native of Ch'ang-chou (Soochow). His original name was Pi and his style name was Cheng-ming, by which he became known later, and thus he assumed another style name Cheng-chung. His sobriquets were Heng-shan and T'ing-yun-sheng. He studied painting under Shen Chou and brought the Wu school literati painting to its perfection. This piece, produced when he was eighty, is a rare example among Wen Cheng-ming's works that is depicted in rough brushwork on a large silk picture plane
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Hanging Scroll
No. Media Picture Size Hanging Scroll Size Price Shipping Purchase
P47 Ink/Color
on Silk
193.4cm x 58.8cm
76.1in x 23.1in
211.5cm x 71.4cm
83.3in x 28.1in
$965 $70
Sheet (image consists of two sheets)
No. Media Picture Size Sheet Size Price Shipping Purchase
P47s Ink/Color
on Silk
193.4cm x 58.8cm
76.1in x 23.1in
193.4cm x 58.8cm
76.1in x 23.1in
$505 $25

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