Wang Mien: Plum Blossoms in Early Spring

Yuan Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink on silk

Wang Mien (1287-1359) was a native of Chu-chi, Chekiang province. His style name was Yuan-chang, and his sobriquets were Chu-shih shan-nung and Fan-niu-weng. He was talented in sketching bamboo and rocks, but especially excelled in painting ink plums after following the style of the Sung painter Yang Pu-chih. This work is from Wang Mien's late years. The branches protruding upward from the crooked and tilt trunk are executed in strong brushstrokes, and the blossoms are adroitly expressed in the method of outlining the petals and filling in the background with inkwash. It is a masterpiece ranked at the foremost of Yuan dynasty plum blossom painting.
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Hanging Scroll
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