Fan K'uan: Travelers among Mountains and Streams

Sung Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink and light color on silk


Fan K'uan (tenth century) was a native of Hua-yuan, Shensi province. His given name was Chung-cheng and his style name was Chung-li. He resolutely maintained traditions, was openhearted, and was indifferent to worldly affairs. He first followed the styles of Li Ch'eng and Ching Hao but later he took up residence in the areas of Chung-nan and T'ai-hua mountains (Shensi province), where he was able to achieve excellence by directly observing nature. This painting, overflowing with profound and candid voluminousness within its solid composition, is an eternal magnum opus unparalleled in the history of Chinese painting.
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Hanging Scroll
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P3-1 Ink on Silk 206.3cm x 103.3cm
81.2in x 40.7in
212.0cm x 105.0cm
83.5in x 41.3in
$1,660 $80
P3-2 Ink on Silk 206.3cm x 103.3cm
81.2in x 40.7in
293.0cm x 118.0cm
115.4in x 46.5in
$2,460 $80
Sheet (image consists of two sheets)
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P3s Ink on Silk 206.3cm x 103.3cm
81.2in x 40.7in
206.3cm x 103.3cm
81.2in x 40.7in
$825 $25

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