Emperor Hui-tsung: Wild Birds on Wild Prunus

Sung Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink and color on silk

Emperor Hui-tsung (1082-1135), whose family name was Chao and given name was Chi, was the eleventh son of the Sung Emperor Shen-tsung. Hui-tsung, well known as a literati emperor devoted to prose and poetry, was skilled in calligraphy and painting. He was talented in human figure and bird-and-flower paintings, and showed prominence in the vivid depiction of figures. He fully demonstrated his preeminent talent for the three accomplishments of poetry, calligraphy and painting in this work, on which he inscribed a pentasyllabic verse in the shou-chin ("slender gold") style.
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Hanging Scroll
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P22 Ink/color
on Silk
82.5cm x 52.8cm
32.5in x 20.8in
189.0cm x 54.8cm
74.4in x 21.6in
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P22s Ink/color
on Silk
82.5cm x 52.8cm
32.5in x 20.8in
82.5cm x 52.8cm
32.5in x 20.8in
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