Chu-jan: Layered Mountains and Dense Woods

Five Dynasty Period / hanging scroll / ink on silk

Chu-jan (tenth century) was a native of Chiang-ning (Nanking), and a Buddhist monk at K'ai-yuan temple in the kingdom of Southern T'ang. After the kingdom had fallen, he surrendered to the Sung dynasty accompanying Emperor Li Yu. He studied painting under Tung Yuan, and created a unique style of landscape painting in which he freely used the p'i-ma-ts'un ("hemp fiber") texture strokes transmitted from his master. This unequaled and most energetic work is the precursor of the Northern Sung painters Fan K'uan and Kuo Hsi, and it also gave considerable influence to the Four Great Masters of the late Yuan dynasty.
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Hanging Scroll
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P21 Ink on Silk 142.7cm x 54.8cm
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P21s Ink on Silk 142.7cm x 54.8cm
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142.7cm x 54.8cm
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