Yun Shou-p'ing: Old Trees and Bamboos in the style of Ni Tsan

Ch'ing Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink and paper

Yun Shou-p'ing (1633-1690), Ko by original name, was a native of Wu-chin, Kiangsu province. His style name was Shou-p'ing, by which he became known later, and thus he assumed another style name Cheng-shu. His sobriquet was Nan-t'ien. He was a gifted landscape painter, but after realizing that he could not be equal in this genre to Wang Hui, his friend, he turned to paintings of flowering plants and developed a new phase in the mo-ku-fe ("boneless method") painting technique. Yun excelled in tasteful landscapes depicted on a narrow picture plane. This work, executed in the style of the Yuan dynasty painter Ni Tsan, is a good representation of Yun's style.
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Hanging Scroll
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P20 Ink on Paper 81.0cm x 32.7cm
31.9in x 12.9in
200.0cm x 51.0cm
78.7in x 20.1in
$445 $60
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P20s Ink on Paper 81.0cm x 32.7cm
31.9in x 12.9in
81.0cm x 32.7cm
31.9in x 12.9in
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