Wang Hui: Mountains, Streams and Autumn-tinted Trees

Ch'ing Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink and color on paper

Wang Hui (1632-1720) was a native of Ch'ang-shu, Kiangsu province. His style name was Shih-ku, and his sobriquets were Keng-yen san-jen, Wu-mu shan-jen and Chien-men ch'iao-k'o. He established his fame as a painter by studying under Wang Chien and Wang Shih-min, but he was especially unsurpassed in copying old paintings. His landscape painting, said to be the synthesis of the Northern and Southern Schools of Painting styles, is pure, distinguished and refreshing, equipped with a character of its own. Its superiority is said to have made his friend Yun Shou-p'ing give up landscape painting. This work is a consummate piece produced in Wang Hui's early years.
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Hanging Scroll
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112.4cm x 39.5cm
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