Ch'iu Ying: Pavilions in the Deep Mountains

Ming Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink and color on paper

Ch'iu Ying (1494 ?-1552 ?), Shih-fu by style name and Shih-chou by sobriquet, was a native of T'ai-ts'ang, Kiangsu province. His talent to paint was recognized at an early age by Chou Ch'en. He mastered the exquisite flavor of old Sung and Yuan dynasty paintings and became a celebrated Ming dynasty painter of court ladies. He also created his own style in landscape painting by reverting to Sung and Yuan works as well as studying from Chou Ch'en and T'ang Yin, and mastered the secrets of miniature painting that depicted "inch-high people and pea-sized horses." This piece, produced when Ch'iu Ying was fifty-seven, is a gem among his works.
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Hanging Scroll
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P17 Ink/Color
on Paper
118.0cm x 41.5cm
46.5in x 16.3in
212.0cm x 56.5cm
83.5in x 22.2in
$560 $60
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P17s Ink/Color
on Paper
118.0cm x 41.5cm
46.5in x 16.3in
118.0cm x 41.5cm
46.5in x 16.3in
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