Tang Yin: Soughing Pines on a Mountain Path

Ming Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink and color on silk

T'ang Yin (1470-1523), Tzu-wei and Po-hu by style names, was a native of Wu-hsien (Soochow). His style name was Liu-ju, and he also called himself Chieng-nen ti-i feng-liu ts'ai-tzu ("The Number One Artistic Genius in the Chiang-nan region"). He was accomplished in poetry, prose and calligraphy, and excelled especially in painting. He studied painting under Chou Ch'en, and further reverted to the manners of the Sung masters Li T'ang, Ma Yuan and Hsia Kuei to create his own style. This work was a gift to his friend Li Ching, the governor of Wu-hsien. The depiction using vigorous brushstrokes attests the profound expressions of Ming dynasty landscape painting.
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Hanging Scroll
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P16 Ink/Color
on silk
194.5cm x 102.8cm
76.6in x 40.5in
212.0cm x 104.5cm
83.5in x 41.1in
$1,335 $80 Out of Print
Sheet (image consists of two sheets)
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P16s Ink/Color
on silk
194.5cm x 102.8cm
76.6in x 40.5in
194.5cm x 102.8cm
76.6in x 40.5in
$825 $25

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