Huang Kung-wang: Dwelling in the Fu-ch'un Mountains

Yuan Dynasty / handscroll / ink on paper

Huang Kung-wang (1269-1354) was a native of Fu-yang, Chekiang province. His style name was Tzu-chiu, and his sobriquets were I-feng and Ta-ch'ih tao-jen. He was a talented landscape painter following the styles of Tung Yuan and Chu-jan. He is counted as one of the Four Great Masters of the late Yuan dynasty along with Wu Chen, Wang Meng and Ni Tsan, but he is estimated to surpass them. This work, in which ink in adeptly used, is depicted in graceful brushstrokes rendered by both the tip and the side of the brush. It is a consummate piece which required over three years to completed when he was eighty-two.
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P13 Ink on Paper 34.1cm x 1088.5cm
13.4in x 428.5in
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