Chao Meng-fu: Autumn Colors on the Ch'ueh and Hua

Yuan Dynasty / handscroll / ink and color on paper

Chao Meng-fu (1254-1322), Tzu-ang by style name and Sung-hsueh tao-jen by sobriquet, was a native of Wu-hsing, Chekiang province. He was the eleventh generation descendant of the Sung Emperor T'ai-tsu. He was very brilliant, and was well versed in poetry, calligraphy and painting. His calligraphy which followed the ancient style was celebrated to be the best in the Yuan dynasty, and his painting which also paid homage to the ancient style was distinguished in the depiction of landscapes and human figures. This painting, produced when he was forty-two for his friend Chou Mi (Kung-chin), is Chao's representative work depicted in clear, beautiful colors.
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P12 Ink and color on Paper 29.0cm x 605.0cm
11.4in x 238.2in
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