Anonymous: Court Ladies

Tang Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink and color on silk

This is a rare masterpiece which vividly depicts an aspect of the daily lives of court ladies through the use of gentle brushstrokes and brilliant colors and suggests the fragrant atmosphere of T'ang painting. The voluptuous figures of these ladies in waiting represent the typical T'ang dynasty court lady painting. There have traditionally been various theories as to its production date, but it is identified to be from late T'ang to the Five Dynasties period.
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Hanging Scroll
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P1 Ink/Color
on Silk
48.1cm x 69.5cm
18.9in x 27.4in
182.5cm x 70.0cm
71.9in x 27.6in
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P1s Ink/Color
on Silk
48.1cm x 69.5cm
18.9in x 27.4in
48.1cm x 69.5cm
18.9in x 27.4in
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