Chang Yu: Poem (Heptasyllabic Regulated Verse)

Yuan Dynasty / handscroll / ink on paper

Chang Yu (1277-1348) was a native of Ch'ien-t'ang (Hangchow). His style name was Po-yu and his sobriquet was Chu-ch'u wai-shih. When he was about twenty he abandoned his family to become a Taoist monk, and led a life free of worldly affairs. He was talented in poetry, prose, calligraphy and painting, and associated with calligraphers such as Chao Meng-fu and Yu Chi. This work is an inscription of his own poem executed in a free and uninhibited style which has the atmosphere of Ch'an Buddhist calligraphy. It is a masterpiece praised by Ni Tsan as the best Taoist work of the Yuan dynasty.
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