Chu Yun-ming: Poems

Ming Dynasty / handscroll / ink on paper

Chu Yun-ming (1460-1526) wrote calligraphy over a foot large at the age of five, composed poetry at the age of nine, and read extensively from numerous books as he grew older. He followed the calligraphy styles of his father-in-law Li Ying-chen and his grandfather on his mother's side Hsu Yu-chen. He later copied from the works of the kingdom of Wei and the Chin dynasty, and became a celebrated calligrapher. This work is a transcription in cursive script of the four verses of the yueh-fu. style of ancient poetry composed by the Wei poet Ts'ao Chih. The aspect of Chu Yun-ming as a singular genius is shown vividly in this piece in its uninhibited flavor at his best which is reminiscent of Huai-su's works.
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C29 Ink on Paper 36.8cm x 1184.8cm
14.5in x 466.5in
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