Hsien-yu Shu: Semi-cursive and Cursive Calligraphy

Yuan Dynasty / album / ink on paper

Hsien-yu Shu (1257 1302) was a native of Yu-yang, north of Tientsin. His style name was Po-chi, and his sobriquets were K'un-hsueh-min and Chih-chi lao-jen. He retired from the bureaucracy in his middle years, avoided worldly affairs and spent much of his time playing the ch'in zither, writing calligraphy and producing painting. He followed the calligraphy style of Chang T'ien-hsi and is said to have attained greatness through hard work making him one of the prominent calligraphers of the Yuan dynasty in the rank of Chao Meng-fu. This work is a transcription of twelve poems from the T'ang dynasty such as that by Tu Fu, executed in semi-cursive and cursive script. It indicates his openmindedness and magnificent strength, and is a masterpiece perhaps outshining the works by Chao Meng-fu.
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C28 Ink on Paper 41.2cm x 25.2cm (8 pages)
16.2in x 9.9in
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