Ou-yang Hsiu: Records on Collecting Antiques

Sung Dynasty / handscroll / ink on paper

Ou-yang Hsiu (1007-1072) was a native of Lu-ling, Kiangsi province. His style name was Yung-shu, and his sobriquet was first Tsui-weng and later Liu-i chu-shih. He studied various books and was unsurpassed in prose. "Records on Collecting Antiques," whose extant manuscript is the four sheets of this handscroll, is a pioneer literature on the study of Chinese ancient metal and stone inscriptions. His calligraphy, following the style of Li Yung, is endowed with a scholarly character and conveys well Ou-yang Hsiu's tempera ment which was gentle in appearance but sturdy in spirit.
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C26 Ink on Paper 28.1cm x 553.5cm
11.1in x 217.9in
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