Lu Chien-chih: Wen-fu (The Rhapsody on Literature)

Tang Dynasty / handscroll / ink on paper

Lu Chien-chih (seventh century) was a native of Wu-hsien (Soochow). He was the nephew of Yu Shih-nan, and is counted as one of the Four Great Calligraphers of the early T'ang dynasty along with Yu Shih-nan, Ou-yang Hsun and Ch'u Sui-liang. This work, which is a transcription of the famous theory on prose by Lu Chi also included in Wen-hsuen, an anthology of ancient belles-lettres, shows a faithful transmission of Wang Hsi-chih's calligraphy style. The inscriptions by Yuan and Ming dynasty masters enhance the grandeur of the work, which is an invaluable extant example of T'ang dynasty calligraphy.
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C25 Ink on Paper 26.7cm x 930.3cm
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