Wang Yang-ming: Poem in Ancient Meter

Ming Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink on paper

Wang Yang-ming (1472 1528) was a native of Yu-yao, Chekiang province. His original name was Shou-jen and his style name was Po-an, and he was known to the world as Yang-ming hsien-sheng. He is famous as the founder of the Yang-ming-hsueh school of philosophy, and is said to be a descendant of Wang Hsi-chih. He was well versed in the methods of calligraphy and excelled in the semicursive script which was acclaimed to be incomparable for its purity and strength. This piece, produced when he was forty-three, is an inscription of a poem composed by himself. It is a consummate work with an atmosphere that transcends worldliness.
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Hanging Scroll
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