Shen Ts'an: Ancient Poem in Cursive Script

Ming Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink on paper

Shen Ts'an (active around 1400) was a native of Hua-t'ing, near Shanghai. His style name was Min-wang and his sobriquet was Chien an. He was gifted in poetry, and was renowned for his calligraphy together with his brother Shen Tu. He studied the calligraphy style of Sung K'e, mastered the cheng-ts'ao style of cursive script and was for a time called the Genius of the Cursive Script. This work is an inscription of his own poetry. The influence of Yuan dynasty calligraphy can be surmised from his unique brushstrokes in which the chang-ts'ao style is added. It is a representative example from the prime of his life.
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Hanging Scroll
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