Sung K'e: Poem on an Official Banquet by Liu Chen

Ming Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink on paper

Sung K'e (1327-1387) was a native of Ch'ang-chou (Soochow). His style name was Chung-wen and his sobriquet was Nan-kung-sheng. As a youth he yielded himself to gallantry, but eventually led a cloistered life and became absorbed in calligraphy. He followed the style of Jao Chieh, mastered the styles of the kingdom of Wei and the Chin dynasty, and developed a remarkable talent for chang-ts'ao, a style of cursive script, by studying the Chi-chiu-chang, a compilation of characters from the Han dynasty. This work, which is a transcription of an ancient pentasyllabic poem by Liu Chen of the kingdom of Wei, represents the temperament of the late Yuan and early Ming phase in its vivacious brushstrokes rendered by freely using the full length of the brush tip.
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Hanging Scroll
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