Wang Hsi-chih: K'uai-hsueh shih-ch'ing t'ieh
(Written after Snowfall)

Chin Dynasty / album / ink on paper

Wang Hsi-chih (307 ?-365 ?) was a native of Lin-i, Shantung province. His style name was I-shao. He administered with considerable success as an official, but later resigned and enjoyed himself among the mountains and streams. He excelled in calligraphy from an early age, and studied the various styles from the Han dynasty and kingdom of Wei. He was revered in later periods as the Immortal Calligrapher. This album was treasured by the Ch'ieng-lung Emperor of the Ch'ing dynasty together with the scrolls Chung-ch'iu-t'ieh by Wang Hsien-chih and Po-yuan-t'ieh by Wang Hsun, which were stored in a room named San-hsi-t'ang ("Hall of Three Rarities").
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C2 Ink on Paper 32.0cm x 19.3cm (14 pages)
12.6in x 7.6in
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