Chao Meng-fu: The Two Red Cliff Odes by Su Shih

Yuan Dynasty / album / ink on paper

Chao Meng-fu, an individual of exceptional talent and resplendent bearing, is ranked as the calligrapher without peer from the Yuan dynasty. His calligraphy style is said to have changed three times during his life, and this album is a representative work from his middle years when he was absorbed in the calligraphy of Wang Hsi-chih. It is a transcription of two odes, the former and the latter, of the unexcelled poem "The Red Cliff Odes" by Su Shih (Tung-p'o). His movement of the brush is fresh and coherent without a trace of hesitation.
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C19 Ink on Paper 36.0cm x 17.7cm (16 pages)
14.2in x 7.0in
$455 $60

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