Mi Fei (Mi Fu): Shu-su-t'ieh

Sung Dynasty / handscroll / ink on silk

Mi Fei (1051-1107), counted as one of the Four Great Calligraphers of the Sung dynasty, always pursued ancient styles of calligraphy and assimilated the spirit of calligraphers of the Chin dynasty. This work, produced when he was thirty-eight, is a representative piece from the prime of his life. Eight poems composed by himself are written on silk into which the ruled lines are woven in dark threads, and Mi Fei's true characteristic is displayed in his exquisite brush work. The last section of the scroll bears inscriptions, vying with one another in elegance, by Ming dynasty masters such as Shen Chou, Chu Yun-ming, Ku Ts'ung-i and Tung Ch'i-ch'ang.
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C17 Ink on Silk 28.2cm x 597.0cm
11.1in x 235.0in
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