Huang T'ing-chien:
Poems by Han-shan and the Hermit P'ang Yun

Sung Dynasty / handscroll / ink on paper

Huang T'ing-chien (1045-1105) was a native of Fen-ning, Kiangsi province. His style name was Lu-chih. His sobriquets were Shan-ku tao-jen and Fu-weng. He was a follower of Su Shih, and excelled in poetry, prose, calligraphy and painting. However, he became a victim of a political dispute and died in exile in I-chou. He is one of the Four Great Masters of Sung calligraphy. This work is an inscription of the poem exhorting good and admonishing evil by the legendary T'ang dynasty Buddhist sage Han-shan and that extolling the virtues of the Buddha by the unique hermit P'ang Yun. It is T'ing-chien masterpiece produced in his later years, which indicates the magnanimity of his touches as well as the temperament of his superb spirit and abnegation of worldly affairs.
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C16 Ink on Paper 30.3cm x 396.0cm
11.9in x 155.9in
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