Yen Chen-ch'ing: Funeral Address for Nephew Chi-ming

Tang Dynasty / handscroll / ink on paper

Yen Chen-ch'ing (709-785) was a native of Lin-i, Shantung province. His style name was Ch'ing-ch'en. He died a martyr to his honor as the most loyal subject of the T'ang dynasty. He cultivated a calligraphy style which opened a radically new phase. In particular, this handscroll, the most famous among his "Three Drafts" in semi-cursive script, stands out eternally as the only authentic work by Yen Chen-ch'ing. It is the manuscript of the funeral address for his nephew Chiming, who was killed during the rebellion of An Lu-shan. The intense emotion of sadness seems to break forth from the tip of his brush.
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C15 Ink on Paper 34.0cm x 596.0cm
13.4in x 234.6in
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