Huai-su: "Thousand-character Essay" in Cursive Script

Tang Dynasty / handscroll / ink on silk

Huai-su (725 ?) was a native of Ch'ang-sha, Hunan province. His secular name was Ch'ien, and his style name was Ts'ang-chen. This handscroll is also known as the "Ch'ien-chin-t'ieh" ("Thousand Gold Volume") after the comment by Yao Kung-shou of the Ming dynasty that it is worth a thousand pieces of gold. Huai-su is well-known for his K'uang ts'ao ("wild cursive script"), but this work, which was produced late in his life when he was sixty-three, indicates his state of mind in old age in its simple and temperate atmosphere.
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C11 Ink on Silk 33.7cm x 1730.0cm
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