Cheng Pan-chiao: Man-chiang-hung in Semi-cursive Script

Ching Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink on paper

Cheng Hsieh (1693-1765) was a native of Hsing-hua, Kiangsu province. His style name as Ko-jou and his sobriquet was Pan-chiao. He was gifted in poetry, calligraphy and painting, and is counted as one of the Eight Eccentrics of Yangchow. He excelled in painting orchids and bamboo in untrammeled brushstrokes which overwhelmed the current of the times, and he created a unique style in calligraphy by integrating chuan seal characters and li simplified seal characters in the cursive, semi-cursive and standard scripts. This work, perhaps from his late years, is a transcription fo the poetry man-chiang-hung by his master Lu Chen and is a master piece empodying the free and uninhibited spirit of Cheng Hsieh.
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Hanging Scroll
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C101 Ink
on paper
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195.0cm x 61.5cm
76.8in x 24.2in
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C101s Ink
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43.2in x 19.0in
109.7cm x 48.3cm
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