Pa-ta-shan-jen: Poem in Cursive Script

Ching Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink on paper

Pa-ta-shan-jen was the style name of Chu Ta (1626-1705), who came from the Ming imperial family. He became a Buddhist monk after the fall of the dynasty and led a secluded life. His unique painting and calligraphy, which is free from the mundane, are highly eveluated. The artist uses a well-used brush for this work. The slow movement of the brush as well as the supple and the astute and simple brush strokes are representative characteristics of the artist.
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Hanging Scroll
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SR5 Ink
on Paper
123.7cm x 49.8cm
48.7in x 19.6in
200.0cm x 62.8cm
78.7in x 24.7in
$615 $60
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SR5s Ink
on Paper
123.7cm x 49.8cm
48.7in x 19.6in
123.7cm x 49.8cm
48.7in x 19.6in
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