Fu Shan: Poem in Cursive Script

Ching Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink on paper

Fu Shan (1607-1684) is a man of virtue well-versed in Chinese classics on ethics, politics, and history, as well as in medicine. He is also known as an accomplished calligrapher along with Wang Tou in the continuous script. He is especially at his best in both the flawless running and cursive scripts written on long hanging scrolls, and this work is a rare example in which many Chinese characters are arranged on a small hanging scroll. He freely and brilliantly moves his brush dipped in dark ink.
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Hanging Scroll
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SR4 Ink
on Paper
122.0cm x 50.8cm
48.0in x 20.0in
200.0cm x 62.8cm
78.7in x 24.7in
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SR4s Ink
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122.0cm x 50.8cm
48.0in x 20.0in
122.0cm x 50.8cm
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