Hsu Wei: Poem in Running Script

Ming Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink on paper

Hsu Wei (1521-1592), was well known eccentric painter, but he also excelled in calligraphy. He cultivated his own style by assimilating those of Su Shih, Huang T'ing-chien, Mi Fei (Mi Fu) etc. Hsu's talent is fully demonstrated in this work, with his serene brush work overflowing with vigor and naturalness. His open-hearted and candid calligraphy style is peerless.
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Hanging Scroll
No. Media Picture Size Hanging Scroll Size Price Shipping Purchase
SR2 Ink
on Paper
124.0cm x 59.9cm
48.8in x 23.6in
200.0cm x 72.3cm
78.7in x 28.5in
$615 $60
No. Media Picture Size Sheet Size Price Shipping Purchase
SR2s Ink
on Paper
124.0cm x 59.9cm
48.8in x 23.6in
124.0cm x 59.9cm
48.8in x 23.6in
$260 $25

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