Wang To: Calligraphy after Chang-chih-tieh

Ching Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink on paper

Wang To (1592-1652), the representative romanticist of late Ming times, transcribed the last part of the "Kuan-chun-tieh" and the first part of "Chun-nien-tieh", both of which are letters and included in the second volume of Chun-hua-ke-tieh written by Chang CHih. The calligrpaher has completely assimilated Wang Hsi-chih's style, and this work exemplifies Wang To's talent in the fluent and vigorous brush work and the ingenious composition freely using the continuous script. It was produced when Wang To was fifty-six.
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Hanging Scroll
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SR13 Ink
on Paper
161.0cm x 44.0cm
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161.0cm x 44.0cm
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