Yang Wei-chen: Poem in Cursive Script

Yuan Dynasty / hanging scroll / ink on paper

Yang Wei-chen (1299-1370), the renowned literati from late Yuan times, is also well known as a master of calligraphy. His uninhibited and unorthodox calligraphy style is comparable with works of calligraphy written by Ch'an Buddhist monks. He freely manipulates the brush fully emersed in ink, and even his airy dry brush strokes are distinctive. The work is Yang's only extant example in hanging scroll form.
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Hanging Scroll
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SR1 Ink
on Paper
107.3cm x 35.0cm
42.2in x 13.8in
180.0cm x 48.0cm
70.9in x 18.9in
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SR1s Ink
on Paper
107.3cm x 35.0cm
42.2in x 13.8in
107.3cm x 35.0cm
42.2in x 13.8in
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