About Aisingioro Wen-jia

Aisingioro Wen-jia was born in Beijing in 1943. She is the legitimate great granddaughter of Prince Heshidunkin, the fifth son of Emperor Daoguang, and the niece of the last Ching Emperor Pu Yi.

Her uncle Pu xin-yu, Pu xue-zhai, Pu-zuo and her father Pu song-chuang are famous painters with good reputations. Grew up in such an artistic family background, she loved painting since she was a child. Under the strict training and direction of her father, her painting techniques improved tremendously. In additional to the traditional skills, she also absorbed theories of perspective and colouring of western paintings which further enriched the composition and the tone of her paintings.

Being one of the outstanding figure of the new generation of the Ching Palace School, Wen-jia is well versed in painting horses, landscapes and flowers & birds in elaborated style. Her paintings have been exhibited in England, Japan and Hong Kong for numerous times and received much appreciation. Her recent art works are "Eight Horses", "Courser", "Hikers in High Mountains", "Pine and Crane" and many others. She is now a contracted artist of Chinese Arts & Crafts (H.K.) Ltd.


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